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Graal Seeker is a 2D game that blends RPG with roguelike mechanics and real-time tactical battles. It recreates the initiatory journey of a knight seeking the Holy Grail in fifth century Britain.
In Graal Seeker, you must complete three phases one after the other until you find the Graal or die.
  • The exploration phase allows you to choose where to go in a procedurally generated map. Would you rather tread a long, calm road or take a shortcut and face potential obstacles?
  • Different events happen according to your location (such as castle, village, and forest) and your previous choices. Will the local lord welcome you? If not, how will you react?
  • And finally, battles will bring fast combat in real-time with a tactical dimension. But be careful not to die, because there is permadeath!


The Grail, object of myths and mysteries, can take several forms depending on the traditions, a chalice, a cauldron, or even an emerald, and is coveted by all for its magical powers. But what is it really?
In Graal Seeker, you are an adventurer from the fifth century seeking this relic for fame, fortune, or faith. You can also join Arthur's court in his fight against the Saxons and spread justice throughout the land. But is the recent Saxon invasion related to the presence of the Holy Graal on British soil, or is it merely an excuse for territorial conquest?
From celtic origins to the christian's or esoteric texts, the quest for the Grail is a true initiatory and introspective quest matching with the whole player's game experience. So, it is the player who makes the story!


  • Unique stories inspired by the Matter of Britain.
  • Find Your Graal based on the choices you make.
  • Narrative game inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure book.
  • Turn-based tactical battles.
  • Procedurally generated events and maps.
  • Permadeath and persistent world.
  • Moddability. Create and share your own stories.


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    Selected Articles

    • "Lugludum is setting Graal Seeker up to let players write their own epic quests to find the Holy Graal."
      - Lena Leray, indiegames.com

      About Lugludum

      Lugludum is an indie video game studio based in Lyon (Fr). We are passionate game makers.

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      Graal Seeker Credits

      Ludovic BAS
      Business, Development & Game Design, Lugludum

      Laura Bevon
      Artist, Freelancer

      Amanda Goengrich
      3D Artist

      Mélina Auer
      3D Artist

      Guillaume Michalakakos
      Musician, Einherjar

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks